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Primary Audience
Principals and School Librarians in Elementary, Middle and High Schools

The Challenge
How to make a catalog work for 3 different purposes:
  • A sales tool for independent sales reps during a product demonstration.
  • A mailed catalog that would generate orders from customers who need to order more supplies for their equipment.
  • A catalog that would present the "complete line" of products available from the company to answer inquiries and to be mailed into uncovered sales territories.
The Solution
The catalog was changed to present a compelling “story” about why posters and stickers are educational tools, through 3 different spreads, it appealed to 3 different school levels by showing students at different age levels and in different environments, and through a compelling offer of free products, it provided motivation high-level school administrators to take an action.

How did it work? Here's some feedback from the client:

“One of our dealer sales reps, in Southern California, gave a copy of the new catalog to a principal to whom he had given a PosterPrinter demo about 2 months ago. Up to this point, the principal has had a difficult time convincing the PTA to purchase the PosterPrinter. Equipped with the new Catalog, she (the principal) was able to go in and sell the PTA on the value of the PosterPrinter - they bought it the next day!

This is exactly what we were hoping for! Thank you for your great advice and direction on this catalog. I know that we didn't get all of the way there - had to modify the pricing and the offers - but I think we're a long, long way from where we've been. I know we're going to hear more and more of these types of success stories!”
Amy Norelius
Manager of Product Marketing

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